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Aussies calling loved ones less as text & social media take over

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In today's society, who isn't guilty of sending a text rather than picking up the phone to call a friend New research from Virgin Mobile Australia reveals that almost three in five Aussies (57%) are calling their family and friends less frequently since the rise of social media.

According to the survey of more than 1,000 Australians, nearly four out of five (79%) believe social media and technology are causing us to lose the art of conversation, with 63% saying it's easier to text a friend or a loved one instead of calling for a chat. Perhaps surprisingly, given these insights, three out of five Aussies (60%) wish they received more phone calls from their nearest and dearest. In fact, a whopping four out of five Aussie social media users (82%) admit that speaking on the phone actually makes them feel more connected to people than social media interaction.

David Scribner, Head of Virgin Mobile Australia, says, "Nine out of ten Aussies surveyed said they feel genuinely cared about when they get a phone call from a loved one. We have all been guilty of sending a quick text or Facebook message instead of picking up the phone so it's a timely reminder that a call could really make a difference to that person's day."

Other interesting findings from the research include:

Three quarters (75%) of Australian social media users believe the majority of their friends online still don't truly know what's happening in their lives;

Women are more likely than men to agree that texting someone is easier than calling them (68% v 58%);

Two out of five (45%) Aussies say they don't call their friends and family as often because they feel like they already know what they are up to through social media;

Two out of five Aussies (43%) prefer emailing, texting and using social media to communicate than speaking on the phone;

More than a quarter (28%) of Aussies feel the only free time they have to chat with friends during the week is on the daily commute;

The average Aussie received only four phone calls on their last birthday, in comparison to 11 social media messages.

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