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Half of Grandparents Consider Themselves to be 'Tech Savvy'

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Half of British grandparents aged between 60 and 80, consider themselves to be 'tech savvy' when it comes to the latest technological gadgets, with 51% owning a touchscreen smartphone and a further 57% having active social media accounts.

The study, conducted by Vouchercloud, polled 1,934 UK residents who were all aged between 60 and 80 and who all had at least one grandchild as part of ongoing research into personal finances and influencing factors.

Respondents to the study were initially asked 'Do you consider yourself to be 'technologically savvy'?' to which 54% said that 'yes' they did. A further 22% said that they had 'basic knowledge' of gadgets and technology, whilst the remaining 24% said that they were 'clueless' when it came to the latest technological innovations.

The study then looked at the most common technological gadgets that grandparents owned, as it asked respondents to select the tech products that they currently possessed from a list of potential options. They were allowed to select more than one option if more than one was applicable.

This revealed the following top five tech gadgets that were owned by grandparents:

  1. Touchscreen Smartphone - 51%
  2. Tablet device - 31%
  3. Laptop - 27%
  4. eBook Reader - 22%
  5. Sat Nav - 21%

Respondents were then asked how often they upgraded their technological gadgets, to which 32% said 'whenever new tech came out'. 36% said 'whenever they believed they needed it', whilst the remaining 32% said 'rarely'.

The cost of buying/upgrading tech gadgets was then looked at, as respondents were asked to estimate how much their average annual spend was when it came to technology. The responses revealed an average of £284.56 across all of those polled. When asked if they considered tech gadgets to be an expensive commodity, 63% of those polled said that 'yes' they believed they were. Those who were of pensionable age were asked if their state pension was ever spent on tech upgrades, to which 36% of these admitted that 'yes' it did sometimes did get spent in this way.

The prevalence of social media amongst grandparents was then investigated by the study, as respondents were asked if they were active users of any social media networks. According to the results, 57% of those polled said that 'yes' they were.

When questioned about the social media platforms that they most engaged with, Facebook (63%) was revealed to be the most common amongst those grandparents who had active profiles. Twitter came in second at 35%, whilst Instagram was third at 19%. When asked what the main use of social media was for, 59% said to 'keep in touch' with friends and family. 27% said it was to keep up to date with 'current affairs' and 24% said it was 'specifically' to keep in contact with their grandchildren.

Matthew Wood of vouchercloud.com made the following comment: "It seems that the stereotypical image of a grandmother drinking a cup of tea, eating biscuits whilst doing the crossword in front of the fire is a thing of the past. Now it seems they're far more likely to be catching up on Facebook on their iPad or reading a book on their Kindle."

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