List of Regulatory News Articles

Telenor set to launch 4G in Serbia
Telenor has won two blocks in the 1800 Mhz frequency band spectrum auction in Serbia. more

Fitch: Net Neutrality Rules May Affect Telecom Investment Plans
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision on net neutrality could affect telecom investment plans, according to Fitch Ratings. more

MTS-Ukraine Wins 3G License
Russia's Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) says that its subsidiary Ukrainian subsidary has won a tender for a 3G license more

YouTube in Pakistan To Stay Blocked 'Indefinitely'
Officials in Pakistan say the country's ban on YouTube is set to remain in place \"indefinitely.\" more

Wind Mobile to participate in AWS-3 and 2500 MHz spectrum auctions
Canada's Wind Mobile has submitted a deposit and confirmed its participation in the AWS-3 and 2500 MHz spectrum auctions scheduled for spring 2015. more

Free Mobile Granted Additional Radio Spectrum
The French mobile network operator, Free Mobile has been allocated an additional block of 1800Mhz spectrum by the telecoms regulator, Arcep. more

Australia Eases PrePay Registration Requirements
Australia's telecoms regulators have added two more options to the list of ways a customer can verify their identity when buying a prepay phone account. more

Afghan SIM cards blocked in Pakistan
The ban on roaming services for Afghan SIM cards will enable Pakistani security forces to fight militants more effectively, officials say. more

GSMA Calls for Telecoms Regulation Reform to Spur Growth in Europe
Tom Phillips, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA, offered the following statement regarding the Telecoms Ministers' meeting on the Telecoms Single Market package in Brussels: more

Zain Iraq Granted a 3G Operator License
Zain's Iraqi subsidiary has been granted a 3G license by the telecoms regulator. more

Fitch:Acquiring Auction Spectrum would Bolster US Operator Strategy
Acquiring scarce spectrum resources is an important strategic key for many wireless operators and the upcoming advanced wireless services-3 (AWS-3) auction scheduled for Nov. 13, 2014 will allow for gains that could help bolster long-term strategy, more

Spectrum Scarcity Sparks Need for Regulatory Support and Research
4G Americas outlines benefits and recommendations for spectrum sharing more

French Regulator Cites Operators for Missing 3G Rollout Obligations
The French telecoms regulator, Arcep has cited three mobile networks as having missed rollout obligations for their 3G networks in the French overseas departments. more

Three Fined by the Regulator for Poor Customer Care
The UK's telecoms regulator, Ofcom has fined Three £250,000 for failing to comply with rules on handling customer complaints. more

Marriott Hotel Fined for Blocking Cellular Backhauled Wi-Fi Devices
USA based hotel chain, Marriott has been fined US$600,000 after settling an investigation into claims that it intentionally interfered with and disabled Wi-Fi networks established by consumers more

Russia Asks Facebook, Gmail, Twitter To Register As Information Distributors
Russia's mass media regulator, Roskomnadzor, has officially asked social network Facebook, e-mail service Gmail, and microblogging site Twitter to register in Russia as \"organizers of information distribution.\" more

Australian Telco Industry Steps Strategy to Combat Online Copyright Infringement
Australia's telecommunications industry has sought formal regulatory approval to launch a "Follow-the-Money" strategy that will act to reduce the economic incentive to promote or facilitate online copyright infringement. more

GSMA Calls for Reduction of Mobile-Specific Taxation
The GSMA has called upon governments in Sub-Saharan Africa to review their approach to the increasing tax burden imposed on the mobile industry. more

Norway Delays 1800Mhz Spectrum Auction
The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) has decided to postpone the 1800 MHz auction. more

Moldcell acquires new licenses in Moldova
TeliaSonera's subsidiary Moldcell in Moldova, has acquired new licenses and radio frequencies, valid for a 15-year term starting November 6, 2014. more

Operator of Mobile Cramming Scheme Will Pay More Than $1.2 Million in FTC Settlement
The operator of a massive mobile cramming scheme has agreed to surrender more than US$1.2 million in assets to settle Federal Trade Commission charges, more

Russia Bans Anonymous Access To Wi-Fi
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed an order prohibiting anonymous access to Wi-Fi in public places. more

Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda And South Sudan Agree to Slash Roaming Charges
Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda And South Sudan have agreed on a regional telecommunications framework to establish a \"One-Network-Area\" by the end of his year. more

Ofcom consults on licence fees for mobile spectrum
The UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom has published plans to revise the annual licence fees for the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrum bands used by mobile network operators. more

USA Allows Phone Unlocking Again
The US President has signed a new law that makes it legal for Americans to unlock their mobile phone when it is SIM-locked to their original mobile network provider. more

Bharti Airtel Secures 3G License in Niger
Bharti Airtel has confirmed that its existing GSM license in the African country of Niger has been renewed, and that it has also been granted a 3G license. more

French Regulator to Consult on the use of Unlicensed Radio Spectrum
The French telecoms regulator, Arcep has opened a consultation on the use of unlicensed radio spectrum in the country, chiefly the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. more

Apple Censured Over In-App Payments Policies
Apple has been censured by the European Union after it failed to amend adverts for mobile apps that encourage in-app payments. more

Telefonica Loses Appeal Against $205 Million Regulatory Fine
Spain's Telefonica has lost an appeal against a fine imposed on it after it was found guilty of abusing its dominant position in the domestic broadband market. more

US Schools and Libraries to Receive $2 Billion to Improve Wi-Fi Coverage
The US telecoms regulator has agreed to offer US$2 billion in funding to boost the uptake of Wi-Fi services in schools and public libraries. more