List of Regulatory News Articles

Commission releases report on unfair contract terms in the telco sector
New Zealand's Commerce Commission has released a report detailing the findings of its review of standard form consumer contracts in the telecommunications sector. more

Commission proposes to boost mobile internet services with high-quality radio frequencies
The European Commission has presented a proposal to coordinate the use of the 700MHz band for mobile services. more

India Bans Facebook's Free Website Service
India's telecoms regulator has banned mobile networks from offering free access to the Facebook website in a growing row over net neutrality issues. more

Etisalat Sues to Block MTN's Use of CDMA Radio Spectrum
Etisalat Nigeria has launched legal action to block rival network MTN from using 800Mhz spectrum that it gained access to when it bought the CDMA network operator, Visafone. more

Australia Auctions Off Blocks of 1800Mhz Spectrum
Australian mobile networks have collectively paid AU$543.5 million in a radio spectrum auction run by the telecoms regulator, the ACMA. more

Comcast Eyes Launching Own Mobile Network
USA cable TV operator, Comcast, a company regularly blasted for its customer care policies, is reportedly eyeing up entering the mobile phone market. more

Philippines is one of only 2 countries to have unused 700MHz frequency
The Philippines has yet again made a record for itself, this time belonging to a list of countries in the world that has not used its 700 MHz spectrum frequency. more

Norway Consults on Fresh radio Spectrum Auction
The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) has opened a consultation on the auction rules for the 900 MHz auction. more

Brain Training App Vendor Fined Over Misleading Claims
The creators and marketers of the Lumosity "brain training" mobile apps have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges alleging that they deceived consumers with unfounded claims more

Telco Complaints in Context Decrease 15 Percent
Complaints as a proportion of Australian telcos' services in operation (SIO) dropped a further 15 per cent in the September quarter, according to the Telecommunications Complaints in Context report. more

Easier access to spectrum for Internet of Things
Australian operators of machine to machine (M2M) wireless communications links used in the Internet of Things (IoT) will find it easier to access spectrum under proposed changes to regulatory arrangements. more

MTN Seeks Court Order Overturning $3.9 Billion Fine
South Africa based MTN says that it is to appeal against the huge US$3.9 billion fine imposed on it by Nigeria's telecoms regulator back in October. more

Thai Regulator to Push Ahead with Spectrum Auction
Thailand's telecoms regulator has been given clearance to auction off two licenses holding 900Mhz radio spectrum. more

Bangladesh Bans Skype and Twitter
The Bangladesh Government has ordered the country's local mobile network operators to block the use of messaging and social media services more

BlackBerry Pulls Out of Pakistan
BlackBerry has announced that it will be pulling out of the Pakistan market, citing restrictions imposed by the government. more

Palestinian Mobile Networks Secure Deal on Radio Spectrum
An Israeli-Palestinian agreement has been reached on the assignment of radio frequencies for the exclusive use by Palestinian cellular operators as well as on a shared basis by Palestinian and Israeli operators. more

Finland Passes Laws to Promote Infrastructure Sharing
Finland's government is proposing that the construction of communications and electricity networks should be expedited with an act on the shared construction and use of network infrastructure. more

Economic Benefits of C-band Spectrum for Mobile Broadband
The use of additional C-band spectrum for mobile broadband in London and Shenzhen alone will generate an additional US$440 million of economic benefit whilst protecting the continued operation of incumbent services, more

Video content increasingly consumed on mobile technologies
The percentage of Anglophones who watched Internet video content on a tablet grew from 20% in 2013 to 26% in 2014, while among Francophones it increased from 16% to 25% more

GSMA Report Reveals Global Economic Benefits of an L-band Mobile Allocation
Opportunity for Asia Pacific to Align With Rest of World to Create Globally Harmonised Band more

Europe to Scrap Roaming Charges
A complete ban on roaming charges for using mobile phones abroad in the EU will take effect in June 2017 and clear rules on the right to internet access will become law more

SIM cards to be reregistered in Bangladesh
Bangladesh's telecoms regulator has issued a notice calling for all SIM card holders to re-verify their ID with the mobile networks. more

MTN Hit with Massive US$5.2 Billion Fine
Nigeria's telecoms regulator has imposed a massive US$5.2 billion fine on the local arm of MTN, for failing to disconnect unregistered SIM cards. more

TRA issues an Emergency Order to three mobile operators
Bahrain's telecoms regulator, the TRA says that it is in receipt of a substantial amount of complaints over the degradation of VOIP applications by the three public licensed mobile operators. more

Bell Canada Fined for Fake App Reviews
Bell Canada has been fined C$1.25 million after its employees were found to be giving positive reviews for its own mobile apps on app stores. more

Indian Customers Offered Compensation for Dropped Calls
India's telecoms regulator, the TRAI is expected to order mobile networks to offer ongoing compensation to customers for dropped called. more

Chinese Government campaign to crack down on telecom fraud
A collaboration between different Chinese government departments are set to launch a campaign against telecom and cyber crimes. more

UK High Court asked to rule if smartphones are taximeters
London's transport body, the taxi lobby, and Uber are asking the High Court to make a declaration on whether smartphones, used by some private hire drivers, are taximeters. more

Mobile bill shock down a further six percentage points
The number of consumers who experience unexpectedly high mobile phone bills has fallen, according to new research released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority. more

Moldova to Hold Radio Spectrum Auction
Moldova's telecoms regulator has release details of a spectrum license auction for the use of radio frequencies more