List of Regulatory News Articles

Kenyan Networks Authorised to Start 4G Trials
Two of Kenya's mobile network operators have been given regulatory permission to start testing LTE services ahead of a commercial launch. more

Indian Networks Slash Roaming and SMS Charges
India's four largest mobile networks have slashed their roaming charges, following an order from the telecoms regulator which was issued only last month. more

Australian Networks Could Face Cap on Spectrum Holdings
Two of Australia's mobile networks have called on the telecoms regulator to impose maximum spectrum holding caps ahead of a spectrum auction, in a move that would target their largest rival. more

Norway Plans Additional Spectrum Auction
The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom) has published draft auction rules for the auction of 2 x 15MHz in the 1800MHz band. more

Two Million Customers Face Disconnection in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe's second largest mobile network operator, Telecel, which is 60% owned by Vimpelcom has been shut-down by the telecoms regulator. more

Mobile Networks Qualify for German Radio Spectrum Auction
Germany's telecoms regulator, Bundesnetzagentur has admitted three companies to the forthcoming auction for spectrum for mobile broadband. more

Indian Regulator's Website Attacked by Hackers
India's telecoms regulator can under fire after it released the contact details of people who had commented on proposals about Net Neutrality issues. more

Internet provider finally refunds consumer
Melbourne-based internet provider Planet ISP has refunded over AU$5000 to a customer whose mobile phone was stolen in South Africa in August 2012 but was subsequently used to make 92 unauthorised international calls. more

Two Firms Join Forces to Bid for 4th Mobile License
Singapore based transport group, SMRT Corp has confirmed that it is in exclusive talks to partner with OMGTEL in a bid for the country's fourth mobile operator license. more

Roaming Costs Investigation Following $33,760 Bill Shock
Bahrain's telecoms regulator, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has started an investigation into complaints about mobile international roaming bills and so-called, bill shock issues. more

Scandal Hit Telecoms Minister Lied to the Prime Minister
India's former Telecoms Minister, A Raja, who presided over the 2008 GSM licenses scandal, mislead the Prime Minister at the time, a CBI report has concluded. more

Australia realising the benefits of spectrum harmonisation efforts for mobile phones
Building on early support from Australia, Asia and Latin America, the push for near-universal adoption of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity 'APT 700 MHz band' is gaining momentum around the globe. more

Ofcom research shows 4G significantly outperforms 3G networks
4G networks delivered an average download speed of 14.7Mbit/s (compared with 5.9Mbit/s on 3G) and took 0.72 seconds to load a web page (compared with 1.04 seconds on 3G). more

National Roaming Costs to Fall by Nearly a Quarter
The cost of roaming within India for locals is set to fall by nearly a quarter from the 1st May after the telecoms regulator slashed the maximum rates that the mobile networks can charge. more

Using Drones to Inspect Mobile Towers Infrastructure
Solusia Air says that it been awarded an exemption from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to deploy unmanned aircraft systems (drones) to carry out safety inspections for wireless and utility infrastructure firms. more

Mali Considering Issuing a 4th Mobile License
Mali is reportedly considering issuing a fourth mobile operator license at the end of this year, when a lock-out clause granted to the current 3rd operator expires. more

India Plans Single Emergency Phone Number
India's telecoms regulator has proposed the creation of a single nationwide emergency call number for mobile phones, based on the same number that works in Europe. more

Free Mobile has met its 3G rollout obligation
The regulator says that it has now emerged from these verifications that Free Mobile had met its obligation. more

Cell phone 'bill shock' warnings can leave consumers worse off says new study
Policies that push cellphone carriers to alert customers when they're about to exceed their plan limit are supposed to make things better for consumers. more

Telenor set to launch 4G in Serbia
Telenor has won two blocks in the 1800 Mhz frequency band spectrum auction in Serbia. more

Fitch: Net Neutrality Rules May Affect Telecom Investment Plans
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision on net neutrality could affect telecom investment plans, according to Fitch Ratings. more

MTS-Ukraine Wins 3G License
Russia's Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) says that its subsidiary Ukrainian subsidary has won a tender for a 3G license more

YouTube in Pakistan To Stay Blocked 'Indefinitely'
Officials in Pakistan say the country's ban on YouTube is set to remain in place \"indefinitely.\" more

Wind Mobile to participate in AWS-3 and 2500 MHz spectrum auctions
Canada's Wind Mobile has submitted a deposit and confirmed its participation in the AWS-3 and 2500 MHz spectrum auctions scheduled for spring 2015. more

Free Mobile Granted Additional Radio Spectrum
The French mobile network operator, Free Mobile has been allocated an additional block of 1800Mhz spectrum by the telecoms regulator, Arcep. more

Australia Eases PrePay Registration Requirements
Australia's telecoms regulators have added two more options to the list of ways a customer can verify their identity when buying a prepay phone account. more

Afghan SIM cards blocked in Pakistan
The ban on roaming services for Afghan SIM cards will enable Pakistani security forces to fight militants more effectively, officials say. more

GSMA Calls for Telecoms Regulation Reform to Spur Growth in Europe
Tom Phillips, Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA, offered the following statement regarding the Telecoms Ministers' meeting on the Telecoms Single Market package in Brussels: more

Zain Iraq Granted a 3G Operator License
Zain's Iraqi subsidiary has been granted a 3G license by the telecoms regulator. more

Fitch:Acquiring Auction Spectrum would Bolster US Operator Strategy
Acquiring scarce spectrum resources is an important strategic key for many wireless operators and the upcoming advanced wireless services-3 (AWS-3) auction scheduled for Nov. 13, 2014 will allow for gains that could help bolster long-term strategy, more