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UK Regulator Studies use of Cellular Repeaters to Boost Indoor Coverage

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The UK's telecoms regulator is calling for feedback on the use of Repeaters in mobile networks. It said that the use of Repeaters, currently not specifically regulated, could could sit alongside others such as femtocells and smart repeaters.

Ofcom is seeking to establish whether end-user repeaters having certain characteristics or used in certain circumstances might provide enhanced coverage solutions for consumers. This would have to be achieved without causing interference or other relevant adverse effects to mobile networks and/or other mobile users.

Ofcom intends to use the responses to this call for inputs to inform its future approach towards any use of self-installed mobile repeaters.

In particular, to help inform whether Ofcom should consider making changes that would permit the use of user installed mobile repeaters under a licence exemption, and if so the conditions that should be attached to any such use.

The regulator warned though that it may not be possible to identify repeaters and circumstances of use meeting the relevant conditions.

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