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Thai Regulator Set to Approve Reserve Prices for Spectrum Auction

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Thailand's telecoms regulator has set the reserve prices for the forthcoming radio spectrum auction, setting the 900Mhz price at a 16 percent premium to that for the 1800Mhz spectrum.

The reserve prices for the 900Mhz spectrum have been set at Bt10.76 billion for 10MHz of bandwidth and Bt8.07 billion for 7.5MHz.

The auction of two licences for the 900MHz spectrum, one for 10MHz and the other for 7.5MHz of bandwidth are set to take place in November, following the planned auction of the 1800MHz bands in August.

An ITU report has recommended that the starting price for a 900MHz band should be equivalent to 70 percent of the spectrum's full value of Bt768.5 million per megahertz.

The 900MHz starting price is 16 percent higher than that for the 1800MHz auction, which is Bt464million per megahertz.

In related news, AIS has confirmed that it plans to bid aggressively to win at least one block of spectrum in both bands. It's existing 900Mhz license is due to expire in September 2015.

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