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US Emergency Services Report Low Accuracy Levels for Mobile Location Services

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A survey of managers and dispatchers from USA based Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) that handle emergency phone calls in all 50 states found that most dispatchers have difficulty locating wireless callers through the location information provided by the carriers, particularly when they are calling from indoor locations.

According to the survey found that the majority of emergency calls now come from wireless phones, but the location information they receive from carriers is unreliable and often inaccurate:

Nearly every 911 call center is facing this problem: 97 percent of 9-1-1 call centers have received a wireless 9-1-1 call within the last year from a caller who could not tell the dispatcher his or her location;

When asked about the proposed rule, PSAP employees expressed near unanimous support, emphasizing its vital importance to public safety.

"These results are truly staggering," said Jamie Barnett, former Chief of the FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau and Director of the Find Me 911 Coalition, which conducted the survey. "The men and women on the front lines of our 9-1-1 system overwhelmingly say that they need accurate indoor location information to do their jobs and save lives, yet they are not getting it today."

The survey was carried out by an organisation that supports 911 organisations.

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