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Taiwan to Release Additional LTE Radio Spectrum

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Taiwan's government plans to release three blocks of 2.6Ghz radio spectrum totaling 190Mhz of capacity for LTE services, according to the National Communications Commission (NCC).

Although 190Mhz of spectrum will be offered, 90Mhz of that is currently used by WiMAX networks, who have options to extend their expiring licenses until 2020 if they want.

Realistically, they are not expected to do so.

Assuming all the spectrum is released, then the allocation is made up of:

Two band units each with bandwidth of 70MHz, 2500-2570MHz and 2620-2690MHz, will be designated for FDD LTE while a 50MHz band unit of 2570-2620MHz will be for TDD

Although the regulator has not set a date, the spectrum is generally expected to be auctioned at the end of this year.

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