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Korean Regulator Checking Retail Stores for Customer Data Leaks

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Korea's telecoms regulator has started looking at retail stores selling mobile services following a spate of recent data leaks.

Korea Communications Commission (KCC) confirmed that it has widened its investigation into the mobile networks to include the retail stores as well. It has said that retailers caught selling data can face fines of up to KRW 30 million (US$28,000).

Under existing laws, if a retailer signs up a customer to a mobile network, once they have uploaded the customer information to the mobile network, they are supposed to destroy any local copies.

There have been suggestions that some retailers have been the source of some of the leaks.

"There have been several cases of personal data leakages from retailers," said Oh Nam-seok, a policy official at the KCC. "The probe has no deadline, and every shop will be investigated."

However, the sheer size of some of the recent data leaks -- into the millions of customers -- is beyond the scope of any single retailer to have been responsible.

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