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Nigerian Regulator Calls for Tougher Protection for Base Stations

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Nigeria's telecoms regulator, the NCC has expressed concerns about ongoing problems with vandalism at mobile base stations across the country.

The isuse has been raised many times over the past few years by the mobile networks, who are repeatedly fined for poor quality of service, but pin the blame on problems securing their base stations from theft or damage.

The NCC's Chairman, Engineer Peter Igoh has called on the state governors to pass legislation that would classify and protect telecommunication equipment as critical infrastructure.

At the moment, there are allegations that the police treat base station damage, which is mostly to get at the diesel used to power them, as a secondary crime.

"Sometimes, ignorance plays a part as many may not appreciate the need for massive infrastructure for telecom service," the Chairman added.

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