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Chinese TV Accuses Apple's iPhone of Being Threat to National Security

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The Chinese state television broadcaster CCTV has claimed that Apple's iPhones are a threat to national security because they track the user's locations.

The state-owned broadcaster criticised the iPhone's "Frequent Locations" function, which it said allowed users to be tracked and their locations revealed.

"This is extremely sensitive data," said a researcher interviewed by the broadcaster. If the data were accessed, it could reveal an entire country's economic situation and "even state secrets," the researcher said.

That almost all smartphones now come with location tracking was overlooked, as was the fact that the Chinese government has been able to track users of any mobile phone simply by ordering the mobile network operators to release cell data to them.

However, what may worry some corrupt politicians is that government controlled location data extracted from the mobile networks may be found to differ from independent recording data within the smartphone when being used to prosecute people not willing to comply with bribery demands.

Of course, the inbuilt tracking system can also be disabled, and it is not beyond the wit of large mobile networks to demand that phones are modified to comply with a local regulation, or marketing whim.

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