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Doctors remove mobile phone from man's mouth

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A video has gone popular of doctors in South Africa, apparently using forceps to remove a mobile phone that was stuck in a man's mouth.

The video, which was first uploaded in 2012, but recently "rediscovered" on the alternative video site, LiveLeak shows doctors and nurses giggling and taking photos of the unidentified man who is lying sedated on a hosptial bed in the north of the country.

The nurses use a conventional suction tube to remove saliva form the mans mouth so that the doctors were able to extract the phone from deep down the mans throat.

It's not clear how the phone got there, or what happened to the unfortunate victim of what may have been a serious assault.

There are also ethical questions to be raised about the behaviour of the medical staff laughing at a patient while he is in distress.

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