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More Vulnerabilities Found After Heartbleed Revelations

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

More security flaws have been found in a critical security application used by most websites, although this time they are said to be less worrying than the "Heartbleed" bug that was uncovered last month.

The flaws, in the same OpenSSL software were uncovered by researchers who are now paying a lot more attention to that open-source platform due to its significant importance in securing websites.

Around half a million websites were thought to have been affected by the Heartbled vulnerability, but most have since patched their software, and the newest discovered problems are said to be much harder for hackers to exploit.

Nonetheless, websites are being urged to keep software regularly updated with the latest versions to prevent hackers taking advantage of such loopholes.

Updated versions of OpenSSL that have the bugs patched are now available.

The same applies to Android smartphones that also use the OpenSSL software, and patches are being developed for release over the next few weeks.

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