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Global Botnet of Infected ePOS Software Discovered

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A network of infected computer terminals used as retail point of sale terminals that spread across 36 countries has been uncovered by researchers.

The purposed of the botnet is unknown, but in theory it could have given hackers a backdoor route into company's backoffice IT systems and hack their databases, or steal credit card details as they are entered into transactions.

The infected ePOS systems were linked into a botnet that researchers from cybercrime intelligence firm IntelCrawler have called Nemanja. It's thought that the origin of the hack came from Serbia.

The researchers identified at least 25 different software programs that had been infected, suggesting a wide scale attempt to hack ePOS software, not an isolated attack on just one platform with a weakness.

They warned that the nature of POS-related crimes can be different from country to country, but it shows the insecurity of modern payment environments.

On the web: IntelCrawler

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