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iPhone Thief Steals Fake Phone, Drops His Own Real Model in the Chase

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A Chinese college student who was mugged for his mobile phone ended up better off than he expected.

The victim, surnamed Jin was using a cheap clone of Apple's iPhone when he was attacked by the thief who grabbed his phone and ran off -- but not before dropping his own phone, a real Apple iPhone.

The victim gave chase, but stopped when he realised that the phone the thief had dropped was much better than the one he had just had stolen. At that point, the chase reversed, and the thief chased the victim, trying to recover his phone.

"I think it's really funny. My mobile phone is a fake and worth no more than 1,000 yuan ($160). I just picked up his phone and gave up chasing him," Jin told the China News Service.

The quick-footed student later called his phone, which the thief answered and pleaded to make an exchange.

"He even sent me his address so I could have it express delivered," said Jin.

After a few more unsuccessful attempts to contact the robber, Jin decided to hand the iPhone 5 over to police.

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