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Private Email Addresses on LinkedIn Exposed by Browser Hack

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The private email addresses of LinkedIn website users can be exposed using a simple web browser plug in, it has been confirmed.

A free plug-in for the Chrome web browser, known as Sell Hack has a way of extracting the email address of any LinkedIn user account, even ones that are not connected to the person using the browser hack.

LinkedIn said it was taking legal action over the plug-in. However, Sell Hack says that the information it displays is freely available, and they are simply making it easier to extract the information.

On its website it said: "We just do the heavy lifting and complicated computing to save you time, We aren't doing anything malicious to LinkedIn."

As the browser plug-in should only be able to manipulate the information within the webpage being displayed, it would seem that the email addresses are somehow easily accessible to everyone, should they know how to look for them.

LinkedIn said that its legal team have delivered Sell Hack "a cease-and-desist letter as a result of several violations,"

"LinkedIn members who downloaded Sell Hack should uninstall it immediately and contact Sell Hack requesting that their data be deleted."

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