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Mass Arrests in China to Clamp Down on SMS Spam

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Chinese authorities have arrested over 1,500 people in a clamp down on spam messages being sent by SMS.

China's Ministry of Public Security said that it had identified 3,540 cases of suspected crimes, including one case where a gang is suspected of sending out over 200 million spam messages.

As part of a nationwide operation, authorities are also said to have secured 24 factories manufacturing illegal equipment, and a reported 2,600 fake base stations have been shut-down.

Although details are scarce, the fake base stations could have been used to listen into mobile data traffic and record online transactions to extract credit card or user account details.

The fake base stations were also reportedly used to send spam messages to nearby smartphones, thus bypassing the need to route them through the official mobile networks.

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