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Fraudster Bombarded with the Works of Shakespeare - by SMS

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A person who was ripped off when buying a second hand games console from an internet website has got his revenge, by texting the entire works of Shakespere to the fraudster one SMS at a time.

Edd Joseph, 24 found that he could copy/paste an entire text from a website on his iPhone into the text messaging app, and it would automatically break down the text into 160 character chunks and send out each message one after the other.

He has an unlimited text messaging tariff, so his revenue is free of charge.

He told the Telegraph newspaper that he ordered the PS3 games console from the Gumtree website, but when the goods failed to arrive, and the apparent seller refused to offer him a refund, he initially contacted the police.

After being told that realistically it was not possible to track the person, he hit upon the idea of bombarding the seller's phone with text messages.

The average Shakespeare play - at 22,600 words - will be delivered in 792 texts to his rival's phone.

The seller was initially very abusive at the flood of messages, but has not responded since.

Technically, sending a flood of messages in this way could be considered harassment, but is unlikely that the fraudster would be complaining.

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