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Nokia Factory Workers Threatening to go on Hunger Strike

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Employees at Nokia's huge handset assembly factory in Chennai are threatening to stage a hunger strike on the 31st March as they seek job security ahead of the sale of the factory to Microsoft.

Although the deal has been delayed by regulators and tax disputes, the handset factory was included in the deal when Nokia agreed to sell its phones division to Microsoft last year.

The head of the local employees union is calling on the Central and the State Governments to ensure that there wont be any job losses following the transfer of ownership.

"We have decided to stage a one-day hunger fast on March 31 in this regard," said the Union President, A Soundararajan.

The concerns have been heightened as Nokia has scalled back handset production as its own sales declined. Once producing 13 million handsets each month, it now produces just four million, and the three shifts of workers is down to two, with further cuts expected.

The union President said that even on just two shifts, there are around 300 staff doing nothing at the moment, and could face redundancy.

The Union has also planned to get the support of various political parties and other employee Unions as part of the one-day hunger fast, he added.

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