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MobiCom received the Grand Prix at the "Entrepreneur Awards" in 2017

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MobiCom Corporation LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of KDDI (Headquarters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Chairman and CEO Tatsuya Hamada hereafter "MobiCom") received the Grand Prix at annual "Entrepreneur Awards" in 2017 which is hosted by Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in recognition of MobiCom's greatest contribution to the economic development of the country throughout the year. Also, MobiCom took first place in the "Top 10 Entrepreneurs Awards" in 2016, which is second highest award after the Grand Prix.

MobiCom has the largest market share of mobile subscribers in Mongolia [1], and is a total telecommunications service provider supplying wide variety of services in mobile, fixed line, satellite communications, ICT field, and Fintech services. In May 2017 MobiCom became the first company in Mongolia to win "Best Employer of Mongolia", an award recognizing corporations that make active efforts to maintain employee friendly work environments. MobiCom aims for improvement of customer satisfaction, and also became the first company in Mongolia to start providing high-speed 4G LTE-Advanced service using carrier aggregation technology in November 2017.

MobiCom was highly praised for contributions to the society and the deployment of the best network environment in Mongolia.

Tatsuya Hamada, Chairman and CEO of MobiCom said as follows regarding receiving the Grand Prix at "Entrepreneur Awards" in 2017: "Everyone at MobiCom is delighted to receive such a prestigious award. This year, in addition to expanding 4G LTE network across Mongolia, we started Mongolia's first carrier aggregation in 4G LTE. Moreover, we also challenged ourselves a lot this year, including Fintech service using mobile money. Furthermore, we worked hard to improve our work environment, becoming the first company in Mongolia to acquire OHSAS 18001, international standard certification for workplace health and safety. MobiCom will continue to promote better telecommunications environment and contribute to the economic development of the country."

(Reference) About MobiCom

MobiCom is a total telecommunications service provider, supplying mobile, fixed line and satellite communication services in addition to a wide range of ICT services, and holds the largest market share of Mongolia's mobile subscribers [1].

KDDI invested in MobiCom from its founding in 1995, allying with operating partners, Sumitomo Corporation and Newcom LLC [2], to contribute to development of Mongolia's communications industry. KDDI will apply its worldwide knowledge and experience to continue powering the growth of MobiCom and Mongolia's telecommunications environment under strong partnership.

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