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Emergency preparation contacts and safety tips from Verizon

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BASKING RIDGE, N.J. Grab your coats, gloves, hats, batteries, and battery chargers snow is on the way! Verizon engineers and technicians are busily preparing the network to ensure you can connect when you need to most.

Significant snowfall can affect your ability to get out and about, can cause property damage, and in many cases can cause power outages. Whether we get two inches or two feet of snow, the Verizon network is ready.

Verizon's Operations teams continue to closely monitor severe weather's impact and will deploy our engineers to the hardest hit areas as needed. Since our network facilities rely on power to deliver service, our backup batteries and generators at these facilities have been tested and fueled to keep power flowing and customers connected in case of prolonged commercial power outages. In addition, Verizon's disaster recovery fleet of emergency vehicles stands ready for deployment.

You can also contact us at 1-800-VERIZON or use the  In-Home Agent application on your PC to diagnose and fix problems.

Small business customers can learn more at Verizon. Medium business and enterprise customers should contact their regular customer service centers or account teams, as needed.  Enterprise customers can also access the Enterprise Center. The My Fios app can be used for additional support through cell phones and the Fios Mobile app can be used to watch TV programs including newscasts.

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