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Verizon: Technology leadership and innovation

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BASKING RIDGE, NJ 2017 was a tremendous year for innovation and technology advancement on Verizon's network.¬ We continued leading the industry in reliability, coverage and speed, and made significant strides toward the network of the future for our customers, investing in the latest technologies and software platforms, and pushing boundaries in both 4G LTE Advanced features and 5G technology. Here are some highlights.

4G LTE Advanced features provide increased capacity and even faster speeds for consumers, taking advantage of many new technological advancements to use our network assets more efficiently and harness unlicensed spectrum. Many of these enhancements are also foundational stepping stones on the way to 5G and provide tangible benefits today while laying the groundwork for our next generation network.

In 2017, we built on our rich history of industry breakthroughs with some "new firsts":

Along with our ecosystem partners, we continued to explore the possibilities of future of 5G technology trials and use cases. The technology will unleash amazing capabilities and innovation through massive bandwidth and gigabit speeds, even lower latency - response time in the blink of an eye - and scalability in the billions of IOT devices. 

o    Millimeter-wave spectrum propagates better than expected; results show we can get as high as 19 floors using our 28 GHz spectrum. o    M edian speeds of 1 GB/second beyond 2,000 feet from cell sites, further than expected. o    We're getting better results than expected for wall penetration through various building materials, and innovative solutions to get through lowE window glass continue to take shape. o    In terms of latency (response time), we're seeing under 10 milliseconds compared to 50 milliseconds on our LTE network, and it's only going to get better.

We are the national leader in network densification - increasing network capacity through the deployment of additional fiber backhaul, small cells, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and numerous in-building solutions. 

Our engineers prepare year-round to ensure the nation's most reliable network stays strong in the face of storms, earthquakes, wildfires and anything else - keeping people connected when they need it most.  

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria devastated communities throughout the South and Puerto Rico, and wildfires destroyed record amounts of land in northern and southern California.

o    We provided portable equipment, including generators, mobile cell sites and antennas, to our roaming partners, Claro and Open Mobile. o    We donated a generator to the University of Puerto Rico. o    And we donated 44 laptops to help local regulators bring Internet access to residents allowing them to apply for aid and communicate with friends and loved ones. The donation doubled the number of Internet access locations available to residents.

We provide the cutting-edge technology public safety officials and first responders use every day, and we're right there beside them during times of crisis.

We were there for our customers at major events, providing the connection attendees needed to share their special moments.

"Even by our own high standards, 2017 has been an incredible year for our network and team. We deliver predictable excellence for our customers, which means the most 4G LTE coverage, unrivaled reliability and the consistently fast speeds our customers need," said Nicola Palmer, Chief Network Engineer and Head of Wireless Networks, Verizon.  "In 2018, you won't see us settle for anything less than extension of the industry leadership and technological innovation we're known for, being the first to deliver what's next for our customers, partners and the public safety community." 

Looking ahead, Verizon plans to continue to focus on innovation, investing in the latest technology and deploying its Intelligent Edge Network, which combines dense fiber, software defined networking (SDN) and high-capacity spectrum.

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