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Napatech and Credocom Create Joint Solution for Palo Alto Firewalls

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark , Oct. Napatech announced today a joint solution with Credocom that uses Napatech's Pandion network recorder to enable customers who use Palo Alto Networks' firewall to see detailed information on security incidents. Ponemon Research found the average enterprise security team will see about 2500 security incidents per day, but they can only investigate about four percent of them. Clearly, organizations need greater visibility into their network security.

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By leveraging the Palo Alto "log-link" integration concept, Credocom created a customized, one-click solution that can extract the relevant file from the detailed packet data captured and stored by the Napatech Pandion network recorder solution. Palo Alto firewall users can now drill down into the details of a specific security event quickly, easily and intuitively.

Peter Ekner , CTO, Napatech, said: "The average cost of a data breach is now $4 million , so effective and fast network security is more important to enterprises than ever. This joint solution gives users the speed and accuracy they need to separate the wheat from the chaff and focus on the security incidents that present a legitimate threat. We're glad to be part of a custom solution that offers enterprises greater visibility into their network environment."

Thomas S. Groenne, CEO, Credocom, said: "Next-generation firewalls from Palo Alto Networks are in the core of most of our customers' infrastructure and most forensic and analysis activities are based on traffic flowing through these. By introducing the Pandion recorder to the infrastructure, which effectively integrates with Palo Alto Networks firewalls, we can offer our customers better and faster incident response capabilities. They will be able to "go back in time" to see exactly what happened, and they will be able to do it directly from the firewall interface they know and understand."

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