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Keepixo Introduces a Quality-Based Rate Control, Allowing CDN Costs Savings for OTT TV

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Keepixo, a leading provider of software based head end solutions for IPTV and OTT, announced a new quality based rate control method to reduce bandwidth costs for OTT TV.

In traditional broadcast TV such as satellite or IPTV, video is sent over a transmission link with well-defined bandwidth. In OTT TV instead, video travels as a series of files in HTTP over unmanaged Internet links. Internet doesn't have the same transmission characteristics as satellite TV, and this reflects into IPTV and OTT TV encoders, which can use different compression methods, such as dedicated rate control algorithms.

"At Keepixo, we continuously work on our in-house codecs to improve efficiency and video quality. We recently improved its performance by 15%." said Jerome Blanc, COO for Keepixo. "In addition, we are introducing a new quality-based rate control that can reduce bandwidth and its associated costs even further." he added.

"Our unique technology optimizes the bandwidth, which is crucial given today's video consumption. But more importantly, it does not affect the other components of the chain: it requires no custom player and remains compliant with H.264 and HEVC standards."

Keepixo has issued a white paper explaining the technical details and benefits of its technology. It will also be demonstrating this award-nominee feature at IBC booth 1.C29.

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