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Verizon to Start Throttling 4G Data Speeds for Heavy Users

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

USA based Verizon Wireless is to start throttling the download speeds of some of its heaviest LTE traffic customers.

Starting from October, customers on its unlimited download tariffs may find their download speeds drop sharply when they are in areas where traffic is already heavy with other users.

As a result, Verizon is prioritizing traffic from customers who buy a set amount of bandwidth, over those who have the older unlimited tariffs.

It's estimated that just the top five percent of its LTE customers would be affected by the change, and that would apply to customers downloading an average of more than 4.7Gb of traffic per month.

Unlike some mobile networks who impose a blanket policy onto users who exceed their "fair use" allocation, Verizon's is more selective, and only affects users when a cell site is starting to see heavy usage at the time.

If a cell site has plenty of capacity, then even the heaviest of mobile data users shouldn't see any change in their download speeds.

Verizon first introduced traffic controls on its 3G network back in 2011, but held off the same policy for its 4G service until now.

Customers who are likely to be affected by the change should receive letters from the mobile network next month warning them of the change.

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