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Deutsche Telekom Starts NFC Based Mobile Payments Service

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Germany 's Deutsche Telekom has launched an NFC based mobile payments service that works with Android smartphones. Launches in other European countries are expected within the next few months.

A mobile app controls the service, along with an NFC-enabled SIM Card that is put into smartphones that don\'t natively support the service. The app already turns 18 smartphone models into digital wallets.

 "As a result, more than two million Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany already have the technology for mobile payment," says Thomas Kiessling, Chief Product & Innovation at Deutsche Telekom. "And also on an international level we will launch mobile payment products this year. In Slovakia we will introduce our payment solution mid-May. In Hungary -- after a test phase with services like payment and ticketing -- a commercial launch is also planned for this year."

In addition to the app and a MyWallet-capable Android smartphone from Deutsche Telekom, customers need an NFC-enabled SIM card to use the digital wallet. The SIM card serves as a secure data safe for the payment data and will be shipped with every new MyWallet-capable smartphone starting now. Deutsche Telekom customers who already use a suitable smartphone can order the NFC SIM card free of charge.

The first MyWallet service is a payment card.

The MyWallet Card is a prepaid MasterCard. Users can pay at more than 35,000 PayPass merchants throughout Germany and more than 1.6 million merchants worldwide. Starting in June, it will be possible to store digital coupons from supermarket chains Hit and Edeka using MyWallet.

Mobile payments aren\'t limited to the above Android smartphones, either: users of other mobile phones and even other operating systems - such as iOS, Windows Phone and Firefox OS - can also use the MyWallet Card the way they would use a conventional plastic card, with an NFC tag. The NFC tag is attached to the back of the phone and replaces the NFC antenna.

Customers also receive a plastic card, so they can pay with MyWallet in locations that do not yet have NFC terminals.

Already 1,000 terminals in Bonn

Deutsche Telekom has chosen Bonn as a flagship city for supplying terminals for mobile payments. The city already has nearly 1,000 acceptance points in restaurants, shops and filling stations. In addition, special promotions and deals will become available in Bonn\'s restaurants and businesses in the coming months.

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