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Warid Telecom Preparing for LTE Network Launch

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Although it did not participate in the recent radio spectrum auction, Pakistan 's Warid Telecom is pushing ahead with plans to refarm some of its 2G spectrum for an LTE network.

The telecoms regulator confirmed that it has received a request from Warid to deploy a 4G network, and is considering it.

Only China Mobile controlled Zong placed bids for officially sanctioned 4G spectrum in the recent auction, with the other networks opting to bid for just the 3G allocations.

While Warid did not secure any additional spectrum, there have been doubts raised as to whether it could deploy a 4G network by refarming GSM spectrum, unless it is able to swiftly migrate 2G customers over the LTE network to free up capacity.

Technically, Warid doesn\'t need regulatory approval to launch its LTE service, but does need clearance to offer the services if they are marketed as different from its current offerings.

The other mobile networks are expected to object to Warid being given clearance to launch the services.

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