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Brazilian Networks Struggling to Meet World Cup Upgrade Deadline

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Concerns are being raised that the Brazilian mobile networks will not be able to complete network upgrades ahead of the football World Cup tournament that starts in just a few months time.

Delays with construction of the stadiums has left the mobile networks struggling to meet deadlines to install their own infrastructure in places to create the level of signal density that is expected to be needed.

"Where we don't have much time, we probably won't be able to give complete coverage for the stadiums," Eduardo Levy, head of a Brazilian industry group tasked with preparing cellphone coverage at World Cup venues told the Reuters news agency.

Part of the concern is the huge surge in mobile traffic at sporting events in recent years. Where a few additional cell sites might once have sufficed for text messages and voice calls, the rise of social media means that networks now also need to offer high bandwidth for photo and video uploads.

That can result in the need for much denser network infrastructure within stadiums, and much closer working relationship with the venues to achive it.

"We don't want Brazil to be remembered as the worst World Cup of all time because the journalists could not get their stories out to the rest of the world," the secretary general of soccer's governing body FIFA, Jerome Valcke added.

They have just over 2 months left to complete what can be achieved, with resources being diverted away from locations such as airports to focus on the sporting venues in order to meet the deadline.

The football world cup is also seen as a rehearsal for the even larger Olympics which are due to be held in the same country in 2016.

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