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SK Telecom Promises Substantial Compensation Following Network Outage

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

South Korea's SK Telecom has apologised to its customers for a network outage that left an estimated 5.6 million customers without service.

The outage lasted about six hours and affected customers in the capital city, Seoul and some provincial areas.

"I apologize to shareholders and customers for yesterday's incident. We will compensate for the damages with more money than stated in the customer clauses," the company's CEO, Ha Sung-min said.

"We will compensate them monetarily with 10 times the phone charges, more than the six times stated in customer clauses." he added.

The telecoms regulator is investigating both the cause of the outage, and monitoring how the company compensates customers.

The outage was caused by a failure at the HLR -- the database that maintains account permissions for customers to connect to the network.

"We apologize to affected customers for any inconveniences caused by the service failures, and the modules were restored in 24 minutes," SK Telecom said.

However, the outage continued to affect customers for around 6 hours, and the cause of that extended outage is still being looked into.

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