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Qualcomm Overturns $173 Million Patent Lawsuit

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Qualcomm has won an appeal over a USD173 million patent claim that had been originally filed against it by ParkerVision.

ParkerVision had alleged that Qualcomm had infringed patents that cover methods to convert electromagnetic signals from higher frequencies to lower frequencies.

The technique can make radio receivers more power efficient and smaller, which is ideal for mobile devices.

Qualcomm countered that it had developed its own techniques for achieving the same task.

A jury initially supported ParkerVision, but that was then overruled by the Judge, who wrote that there was "an insufficient evidentiary basis for the jury's infringement verdict in this action,"

ParkerVision can now seek review before an appeals court.

"While we are pleased that the court upheld the jury's decision that the patents are valid, we are obviously disappointed with the district court's ruling that judgment be entered for Qualcomm on non-infringement," ParkerVision Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Parker said in a statement.

ParkerVision's shares plunged by more than 60% on the news.

"As the court noted in its detailed decision, the evidence could only support a finding of non-infringement," Alex Rogers, Qualcomm's head of litigation, said in a statement. "Qualcomm simply does not use the techniques claimed in ParkerVision's patents."

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