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Samsung Ordered to Pay $120 Million to Apple for Patent Infringements

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple the sum of USD119.6 million in a patent infringement lawsuit far less than the USD2.2 billion Apple had been seeking.

The jury in the latest of a long line of lawsuits between the two companies decided that Samsung had infringed on two patents held by Apple.

However, Apple had been seeking USD2.2 billion from Samsung in damages, so while a victory, and a lucrative one, it is not as lucrative as Apple had been hoping for. By some estimates, after legal costs, the company might not have made much from the ruling at all.

The jury also found that Apple had infringed on one of Samsung's patents, which further helped to reduce the amount it awarded, although by a negligible amount.

"Though this verdict is large by normal standards, it is hard to view this outcome as much of a victory for Apple," said Brian Love, a Santa Clara University law professor.

The trial had lasted a month, and Apple had initially cited five patents, including its "slide to unlock" for the display screen. The jury found for Apple in two of the patents, and dismissed two others. The Judge decided on the fifth patent, in Apple's favour.

Samsung had tried to argue that the patents applied to the Android software, so any complain should be addressed to the software vendor, Google, not itself, which just uses the software.

The jury disagreed with Samsung on that point.

Apple is now able to seek a ban on the sale of infringing products, although it is not expected to succeed in that request as well.

An Apple spokeswoman said that the ruling reinforced its belief that Samsung "willfully stole our ideas and copied our products." She added the company will fight to defend "the hard work that goes into beloved products like the iPhone."

The jury is still deliberating on damages associated with one Samsung device that infringed an Apple auto-complete patent, but that is not expected to make a significant difference to the eventual outcome.

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