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First Wireless Charger Compatible with Both Qi and PMA Devices

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

ChargeSpot Wireless Power has shown off what it says is the first wireless charger that is compatible with both Qi (Wireless Power Consortium) and PMA (Power Matters Alliance) standards.

Designed for use in public spaces, ChargeSpot Pocket installs beneath the surface and is completely hidden from sight. This works well in design centric environments and provides hygienic and safety benefits that enable power to be easily integrated into places where it couldn't be before, such as tabletops and liquid prone areas.

"For wireless charging to be a truly great technology it should be seamlessly integrated into our surroundings so you can walk into a café, hotel or office and charge your phone simply by putting it down" said Mark Goh, CEO of ChargeSpot.

ChargeSpot Pocket is already deployed in restaurants and offices in Canada and is available with a network connection so that businesses can monitor usage and maintain the health of their network through an easy to use web interface.

Wireless charging continues to be adopted with many handset manufacturers planning to integrate the technology into their future products.

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