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Motorola Letting Consumers Test Drive its Moto X Smartphone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Motorola seems increasingly desperate to encourage customers to at least try one of its phones before dismissing them as it is offering a try before you buy offer.

The company takes just one cent from the customer than then lets them try out its Moto X smartphone for up to two weeks free of charge.

After that, they can return the phone, or buy it for the US$350 retail price.

The move underscores a problem that a lot of handset manufacturers face, how to differentiate their product sufficiently to make it more appealing, when the shopper is faced in store with a wall of otherwise identical touchscreen slabs.

HTC releases phones that win rave reviews, but hardly dent the sales figures. Now Motorola is taking action to get people to see beyond the brandname and actually try out the phone -- hoping that it's own adjustments to the Android OS will win over customers.

Motorola said that the try offer is a limited time event, but hasn't said for how long it will last.

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