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Apple Users being Attacked by Ransom Demanding Virus

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A number of Apple users are reporting that their iPhones and other iOS devices are being attacked by a so called ransomware, that locks the device until a US$100 ransom is paid.

The malware that has started infecting devices appears to have emerged in just the past few days, starting initially, it seems, in Australia.

A comment on the locally popular discussion forum, Whirlpool started a debate with the following posting.

i was using my ipad a short while ago when suddenly it locked itself, and was askiwhich I'd never previously set up. I went to check my phone and there was a message on the screen (it's still there) saying that my device(s) had been hacked by 'Oleg Pliss' and he/she/they demanded $100 USD/EUR (sent by paypal to lock404(at)hotmail.com) to return them to me.

Other users on the forum are also now reporting similar issues, affecting iPhones and also some Mac computers.

Due to the wide range of devices affected, the flaw would appear to be a zero-day exploit that has been uncovered and affects the entire Apple operating system.

Other suggestions include a "man-in-the-middle" attack where some website or service has compromised the users passwords, and that gave the hacker access to the users devices.

At the moment, in the absence of any viable information, users are being advised to change their passwords. That is common advice anyway, especially if they used the same password across multiple services.

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