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Researchers Run Apple Software on an Android Smartphone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Researchers at a US university have successfully run Apple's iPhone operating system software on an Android smartphone.

The proof of concept is based around a novel approach that avoids the usual pitfalls of trying to run a virtualisation engine, which is the usual method for emulating a foreign OS on top of an existing system.

The researchers adopted their rather technical approach as it uses fewer resources that virtualisation, and on a smartphone that can be critical to making the emulated OS work in a viable manner.

This is only a proof of concept as Apple never licenses its OS to be used on anything other than Apple hardware, but it opens up avenues to consider, for example, running Windows Phone OS on Android devices, or any other OS for that matter.

Long term, such research is more likely to lead to performance improvements in software virtualisation on desktop devices though, as that is where the main demand exists.

On the web: Columbia University (pdf file)

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