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Samsung Confirms Serious Software Bug in Galaxy S5 Smartphone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A serious bug in Samsung's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5 is being reported that can see the device camera completely lock up.

Reports from a developer forum are citing examples where a user opens the camera app, and it simply displays a message "Warning: Camera Failed", and then the camera stops working entirely.

Being a developer forum, users have tried resetting the phone, even wiping the entire handset to its base installation is not fixing the problem.

Apparently, the only cure is to return the handset to Samsung for a repair, indicating just how serious this software flaw is.

For a software glitch to have such a catastrophic impact on the handset suggests a very serious backdoor into the underlying hardware code that has been accidentally triggered by the handset, which then locks out the functionality.

Verizon Wireless in the USA have confirmed that they are seeing the problem as well, and will "work to resolve it, including replacing the device".

In a statement, Samsung confirmed that is has "learned that a limited number of Galaxy S5 devices may have an issue that causes "Camera Failure" pop-up error message," and referred affected customers to their supplier for assistance.

Adding to the difficulty of narrowing down the bug and deploying a fix is that it seems to take a number of days of use before the problem appears. Which is enough time for 3rd-party apps to have been the cause of the problem, or for some sort of memory buffer within the handset to overload.

It may therefore take some time to isolate the problem and deploy a software patch for users.

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