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Apple Fixes Security Flaw in iPhones and iPads

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Apple has released a software update for iPhone and iPad devices that improves some functionality, and fixes a potentially critical security bug.

In a short statement, the company noted that iOS version 7.1.1 would add improvements to the fingerprint recognition. It also fixed a bug that could impact keyboard responsiveness, and fixed an issue when using Bluetooth keyboards with VoiceOver enabled.

They also noted that some security issues were fixed.

However, the security issue is the most important part of the update and resolves a flaw that could have revealed a users account details when accessed through a web browser.

The security flaw affects SSL based connections, but is unrelated to the Heartbleed issue. In this situation it was possible for an attacker to establish two connections between the handset and server and essentially sit in the middle casually reading all the secure information at will.

The latest update is available from the device update settings, and is just 15MB in file size, so should encourage rapid upgrades by users.

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