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Apple, Samsung and HTC Dominate Australian Smartphone Market

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

With the number of Australians (14 ) with a smartphone fast approaching 12 million, Apple, Samsung and HTC now together comprise over 80% of the market, according to analysis by Roy Morgan Research.

With the size of the smartphone market more than tripling in the past three years, all three handset manufacturers have recorded solid growth in raw numbers: since 2011, Apple has gained around 3.8 million users, Samsung 2.9 million and HTC almost 900,000.

But with over 60% of all Australians 14+ now tapping and swiping a smartphone, overall market growth has inevitably slowed, and mobile brands will now increasingly have to battle it out for the dollars of existing smartphone users rather than new entrants.

When broken down by Technology Adoption Segments, among smartphone owners, both Early Adopters and Professional Mainstream are more likely than the average owner to use an iPhone -- 15% and 13% more likely respectively.

Samsung has made inroads with Traditionalists and Technophobes, who are 13% and 5% respectively more likely than the average smartphone owner to use a Samsung. This is reflected in Samsung being the only of these three brands to gain market share in the past year.

But HTC's potential advantage is among Digital Life smartphone users, of whom 11.2% now use an HTC --  a rate 20% above than the 9.3% of the total smartphone population.


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