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US Retailer Paying Customers to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S5

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Flagship smartphones are often launched with special offers as retailers scramble to signup up the early adopters, but one retailer is actually paying people to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone

The handset manufacturer may be less than impressed with such an aggressive level of discounting though, as it can make it harder to sell their mid to lower end models.

The US retailer, Wireless Advocates, a Costco affiliate, is offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 for a headline price of US$99.99, which is half the average offered by the mobile networks.

However, on top of that, any new customer signing up a fresh contract with a network provider also gets a further US$100 refund on their phone bills.

The net effective cost comes in at minus one cent. Yes, the retailer will pay customers a to buy the phone.

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