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Accessory Turns Android Smartphones into Flying Drones

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

An accessory has been developed that clamps around a smartphone and turns it into an autonomous flying drone.

The developers said that they wanted to develop the small device before suspected legislation comes into effect that might make low-flying drones illegal.

The said that it "explores novel ways to occupy public space, in particular the air and claim the right to use it before legislation makes it illegal."

Created by artist and computer engineer Lot Amorós, technical engineer Cristina Navarro, and industrial engineer Alexandre Oliver, Flone turns the mobile phone into a stand-alone flying apparatus which can go up to a height of 20 metres from the ground, come down, rotate and do the usual smartphone tasks, such as taking photographs or video recordings. It can also be remotely controlled by another smartphone with a wifi or 3G connection.

The smartphone has to be Android based, which is apt for an autonomous flying robot, and they have also developed an app that can control the drone from another Android smartphone.

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