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South Korean Networks Start Sales of Samsung's Galaxy S5 Ahead of Schedule

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

South Korea's three mobile networks have started selling Samsung's Galaxy S5 smartphone ahead of its official launch date.

Samsung is said to be "very puzzled" by their decision to start early sales, although the reason is easy to explain. The networks are about to be hit with a sales ban as punishment for excessive handset subsidies, and the ban will be in place when the Galaxy S5 is supposed to go on sale.

Bringing forward the launch ensures they don't lose out.

Korea Telecom and LG U+ are currently subject to a sales ban, but it is limited, so they can still offer the Samsung handset, while SK Telecom is facing a total ban lasting 45 days which comes into effect on the 5th April.

The mobile networks had all been supplied with the smartphones ahead of the official launch, presumably under an agreement not to start sales until 11th April.

However, Samsung is less delighted, and said to be looking at whether it can block the sales.

Other handset vendors will also be concerned, as some of them had been hoping that the sales ban in South Korea when the S5 was officially due to launch would see them benefit from the effectively delayed launch.

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