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OnePlus to Show Off First Smartphone on 23rd April

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Start up smartphone manufacturer, OnePhone has been drip feeding details about its first handset, but has only now confirmed the launch date.

OnePlus -- founded by former Oppo VP Pete Lau -- announced that it'll show off its "perfect Android smartphone" on April 23rd.

That is a slight clarification on recent statements which had only alluded to a launch sometime in the second-quarter of this year.

OnePlus said that the CyanogenMod team are developing a custom version of CyanogenMod with special features and tweaks.

As Lau puts it, "What's coming is one of the most popular mobile operating systems specifically developed for the best hardware, with a unique twist. The smartphone industry is ripe for disruption, and 2014 should prove to be a huge year for the future of the market."

The new phone will be known as the OnePlus One.

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