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Google Targeting Corporate Users with Next Android OS Upgrade

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Google is said to be working improving how the Android OS appeals to corporate users as it targets the growing BYOD market, and the BlackBerry userbase.

Citing two unnamed sources, The Information reported that Google is embarking on a major effort to make its Android software more attractive to businesses, although it cites Apple's success in the corporate market as the reason.

More likely is bolstering the BYOD services that are proliferating and ensuring that Andoid based smartphones can pass security classification tests. Those tests has effectively locked a large number of corporate and governments into the BlackBerry platform.

With more people wanting to carry something other than BlackBerry with them, tightening Android security would be both beneficial for consumers, but also open up the lucrative corporate IT market.

While Google is unlikely to benefit from app sales, it will be much easier to promote its own email and document services to corporate users if they are securely accessible over Android devices.

That makes Android a bridgehead not into targeting other handset vendors, but a route into the corporate IT services market. Which could be worth far more to Google in the long term.

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