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Nokia Job Advert Sparks Android Smartphone Rumours

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Rumours have swirled after Nokia temporarily posted an advert seeking Linux experts to join the company with most of the rumours noting that the Andoid smartphone OS is based on Linux.

According to Gizmodo who spotted the advert before it was taken down, the company is looking for someone to work in a "start-up environment" to develop "exciting new products" for "mobile phone technology" the company is working on.

Nokia is however tightly linked to the Microsoft OS for its smartphones, both fiscally and politically, so a switch to Android at this moment looks unlikely.

Nokia is though understood to be working on fresh OS platforms for its feature phones, which still sell in vast quantities in developing markets, and Linux also underpins a wide range of other services from websites to M2M platforms.

Despite the speculation, it is unlikely that Nokia is looking to switch to Android - at least not this early into its relationship with Microsoft.

On the web: Gizmodo via Cnet

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