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Vodafone Facing Day of Action over Taxes in the UK

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

A UK protest action group is planning a day of action targeting Vodafone retail stores across the country after it claimed that the company is avoiding taxes.

Vodafone's UK subsidiary has not paid any Corporation Tax since 2011, although the protest group, UK Uncut neglects to mention that is because the division has posted losses each year since then due to spending on network upgrades.

Despite that, the group is calling on activists to invade Vodafone stores and transform them "into living rooms, shelters, refuges, bedrooms and hostels", as it protests against a lack of affordable housing, which it says should be subsidised by taxes that are not being paid by companies.

The protest date has been set for the 14th June, the same date as Vodafone Group's annual shareholder meeting.

"UK Uncut protests are totally unwarranted and ignore all of the salient facts. Vodafone is a major investor in the UK. We are also a major source of direct and indirect employment in the UK," Vodafone said in a statement.

"Protestors are picking on the wrong target on the basis of myths and falsehoods. They should take some time to look at the facts."

Vodafone says that as a Group, it paid more than £1.8 billion in taxes to the UK government in 2013.

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