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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Young users of camera phones in Japan do not consider photographing information in newspapers they haven't paid for to be a crime according to a new survey by Nepro Japan. There has been a rising trend in Japan for camera phone owners to use them to take photos of news articles and information that interests them then read it later on their PC's. The Japan Magazine Publishers Association recently called on magazine retailers to be aware of the trend and try to prevent it.

The survey also found that 60% of the respondents said they think "digital shoplifting" is immoral. A total of 26% responded that they think it is a crime and 14% said it is permissible.

The survey showed that 47% of respondents said they had head of "digital shoplifting", while 14% said that they had actually carried out, or contemplated carrying out such an activity. A total of 54% said they have never engaged in "digital shoplifting", and 31% said they do not own a camera phone.

Of the respondents who had taken photos of news content, 14% took photos of recipies, 13% took restaurant reviews and 10% took photos of fashion news articles.

Nepro Japan is a distributor of news to cell phones aimed at the 20/30 yr old market. The survey had 6,139 effective responses."

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