Samsung Handset to Use liquid Metal

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Liquidmetal Technologies has said that its Liquidmetal alloy is featured in a new line of stronger thinner cellular phones to be launched by Samsung Electronics affirming a Samsung announcement reported in the September 29 edition of Korean language business publication The Korea Economic Daily. Samsung teamed up with Liquidmetal Technologies to produce a super thin LCD screen frame component for its SCH X199 mobile phone model. The phone is being introduced in China by China Unicom under an initial contract order with Samsung.

John Kang, Liquidmetal Technologies' president and chief executive officer, comments, "We are delighted with the close working partnership we have achieved with Samsung. With two-to-three times the strength of high-performance metals, including stainless steel and titanium, Liquidmetal(R) alloys are ideally suited to meet the design and technical advancements customers expect and for which Samsung is being recognized in the global marketplace. This is particularly true in premium-quality cell phone markets, where consumers are demanding smaller, thinner and more aesthetically pleasing designs along with increased functionality," Kang said.

The SCH-X199 parts are being produced at Liquidmetal Technologies' manufacturing operations near Seoul, South Korea, the global headquarters of Samsung Electronics. Liquidmetal Technologies is currently in production at its 13,000 square foot plant in Pyongtaek, South Korea.'"

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