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Announcing Start of Mongolia's First-Ever Carrier Aggregation by MobiCom

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MobiCom Corporation LLC, KDDI's consolidated telecommunications subsidiary (Headquarters Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Chair and CEO Tatsuya Hamada), announces commencement of high speed data communication service using carrier aggregation technology. The new service can achieve download speeds of up to 225 Mbps 1 , twice as fast as any other service to date.

Carrier aggregation uses multiple frequency bands to enable customers to enjoy high-speed 4G data service. By combining data received over multiple frequencies, download speeds as high as 225 Mbps have been achieved.

MobiCom has deployed this high-speed data communication service using carrier aggregation in the capital, Ulaanbaatar and in Mongolia's second-largest city, Erdenet. MobiCom and KDDI will continue to increase our Mongolian customers' satisfaction with our services by improving service quality and implementing new technologies to provide a comfortable data communication environment.

MobiCom is a total telecommunications service provider, supplying mobile, fixed line and satellite communication services in addition to a wide range of ICT services, and holds the largest market share of Mongolia's mobile subscribers [2]

KDDI invested in MobiCom from its founding in 1995, allying with operating partners, Sumitomo Corporation and Newcom LLC [3], to contribute to development of Mongolia's communications industry. KDDI will apply its worldwide knowledge and experience to continue powering the growth of MobiCom and Mongolia's telecommunications environment under strong partnership.

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