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Ericsson announces new tower-top design to optimize Radio System deployment

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Ericsson is launching a new Tower Top Site design that enables operators to deploy a fully integrated suite of radio and microwave technologies, providing 2G, 3G, 4G, and in the near future 5G access with true zero footprint.

When upgrading between wireless mobile telecommunications technologies, operators face tower restriction challenges. These challenges include securing space and site permits, installation charges, prospects for future expandability, maintenance, and power consumption.

The integrated Tower-Top Site design, developed by Ericsson's Region Sub-Saharan Africa, addresses these challenges. The site is a multi-band and multi-standard solution where baseband, radios, and antenna are combined using Ericsson's latest Radio System, and to which microwave backhaul can also be added. Finally, the system provides evolved radio access network capability for rapid capacity expansion and modernization.

Jean-Claude Geha, Head of Region Sub-Saharan Africa at Ericsson, says: "With the integrated Tower-Top Site, the need for increased tower footprint in the face of evolving technology is minimized significantly. Aside from being designed to support multiple components, the system can be expanded without replacing the entire tower-top assembly. Using industry-standard elements, the site offers improved range, better sensitivity, increased capacity and expandability while weighing less and consuming less power. As a region, we are proud to have taken the lead in the development of this first of its kind design."

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