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Apple May Put Intel Inside its Next iPhone

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

The next Apple iPhone model could come with an Intel Inside sticker on it, according to reports that Apple has signed a deal with the chipmaker.

Current iPhones use chips supplied by Qualcomm, but Bloomberg News reports that Apple has signed a deal with Intel for the next iPhone model.

If confirmed, the move would be a blow to Qualcomm, but more importantly, a significant victory for Intel which has tended to struggle with getting its mobile chips into smartphones.

However, not all models are expected to be Intel based, and phones sold in China and on Verizon's network in the USA would still be based on Qualcomm technology.

The implication being that Intel chips are still limited as to which mobile technologies they can work with.

The chips in question are not part of the main processor, which will remain based on Apple's own designs, and supplied by TSMC and Samsung.

None of the companies commented on the report.

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