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Vodafone and Huawei Carry Out Pre-standard NB-IoT Trial

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Note -- this news article is more than a year old.

Vodafone has announced it has successfully completed a trial of pre standard Narrowband Internet of Things (NB IoT), based on hardware supplied by Huawei.

Vodafone Chief Technology Officer Benoit Hanssen said Vodafone has successfully completed wireless network access trials at several live sites across central and suburban Melbourne.

"We've been able to achieve significantly greater coverage both in terms of distance and depth, compared to those offered by existing 2G, 3G and 4G technology," Mr Hanssen said.

"Based on our testing in the Melbourne CBD, NB-IoT would be able to penetrate two to three double-brick walls, enabling connectivity of objects in underground carparks and basements.

"We also achieved extended coverage during tests in suburban Melbourne, with distances of up to 30 kilometres.

"The benefits of NB-IoT include deeper and further coverage, up to 10 years battery life, increased scalability with up to 100,000 devices per cell and low cost of modem chipsets forecasted at less than $5."

Mr Hanssen said NB-IoT was one of the new applications of evolving 4G technology.

"We're hearing a lot of hype about 5G at the moment but there is still plenty of mileage left in 4G, such as NB-IoT," he said. "NB-IoT is an application of 4G designed specifically for products which require extended distance, depth and battery life.

Further trials will be carried out in coming months across Australia

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